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Work Experience at Limerick Youth Theatre

The work experience offered at Limerick Youth Theatre through its Transition Year Theatre (TYT) programme will provide young people direct and supported experience in the business and art of theatre making. LYT will;

• Create a small company of Transition Year students from schools across Limerick city and county who will create and deliver a piece of theatre

• Train the participants, giving them an introduction to the area relevant to their interest, for example; performance, design or management

• Produce a piece of theatre with the Transition Year Company to be staged at a professional venue in Limerick



TYT Timetable 2018

  • Audition: Monday 29 January 2018
  • TYs (and schools) to be notified by email on Tuesday 30 January
  • Rehearsals: Monday 2 February – Friday 23 February (excluding weekends)
  • Technical/Dress Rehearsals: Monday 26 February
  • Shows: Tuesday 27 February at 13.00 & 20.00 (Dance Limerick)
  • Shows: Wednesday 28 February at 10.30 & 14.00 (Dance Limerick)


This year’s production is Frank Wedekind’s timeless play Spring Awakening and will be directed by Shane Hickey O’Mara. In this new adaptation by Stefanie Priessner (RTÉ’s Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope) & Gyuri Vidovszky the lives of teenagers are placed front and centre.


Spring Awakening is a classic coming of age tale in which the lead characters navigate the often difficult transition from childhood to adulthood, a struggle made all the more difficult due to the lack of understanding and communication between them and the adults in their lives. Set adrift into the adult world the teenagers are unprepared for what is to come. The overwhelming nature of their circumstances leads each character to self-destruct; each attempting to deal with the overwhelming pressure forced upon them by adults who don’t listen, the anxiety of school exams, and the loneliness and confusion that accompanies burgeoning adulthood.


To apply please download an application form Join LYT